Touch-To-Go Touchscreen

The Touch-To-Go (TTG) elevator touchscreen system is a digital solution that replaces traditional push buttons, while turning elevator wait time into a dynamic, visual experience. Brand the interior of your elevator with your own text, graphics and videos. 

With installations running problem-free since 2007, TTG is a tested and proven reliable elevator touchscreen system. Let us redefine the elevator experience on your next installation or modernization.



☑ Customizeable Graphics: Custom branding, seasonal graphics, more buttons in a smaller space

☑ Guest Services and Information: Wayfinding, community events, tenant names and logos

☑ Accessibility and Safety Features: Destination Dispatch, Swing cars, Fire Service, Active Shooter, and Medical Emergencies

☑ Two-way video and access control available

☑ Clean with any glass-approved solution, including 70% alcohol to kill germs and viruses.


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