Digital Technology

Mosaic Position Indicators

Redefine your elevator with a modern Position Indicator. Available in micro, mid-range, and premium options, these PIs will help you give a customized look to your elevator.


Matisse: Premium option featuring a fully networkable unit with two-way video capabilities. Available in 7" and 10".

Giotto: Mid-range option with multicolored graphics. Available in 4.3" and 7".

Raffaello: Micro option balances cost and functionality. Perfect for integrating a PI in your hall fixture designs or lobby panels. Available in 2".

Altus: The bar has been raised on both size and functionality. Combining the Mosaic's PIs, Matisse's digital signage and Touch-To-Go's interactive graphics, we have a single PI that is large enough to take advantage of all the functionality. Available in 38" and 48".


Matisse Digital Signage

The Matisse digital signage brings the elevator notice board to the 21st century using  state-of-the-art LCD screens.


MosaicONE Digital Signage Software

This cloud-based digital signage management software by MAD Elevator allows you to manage your own MAD digital screens with ease, from anywhere with an internet connection. 

The easy-to-use software enables you to create powerful digital notices using any type of content. With the choice of using either pre-designed templates, or creating custom designs, you will be running in no time. Manage all your devices from one browser login, or delegate responsibility to other users.

With just a few clicks, schedule important notices days, weeks or months in advance for display as assigned time on the appropriate day. 

The editor allows you to create or edit the displays whenever and wherever you want! You can do it all yourself, or delegate responsibility to other users. Preview and publish your content from anywhere at any time. 



☑ Text (ex. Notice Boards)

☑ Time & Weather

☑ Stocks

☑ Pictures & Video

☑ News & RSS Feeds

☑ HTML Content

☑ Scheduling

☑ Fully Customizable